Discover our management service which relieves you of small maintenance and repairs before renting or selling your property.

  • We manage your properties for sale/rent
  • Property and land management :
  • Intervention for small and large repairs
  • Moving, fitting-out
  • Control and installation management,
  • All gardening work
  • Our presence for the maintenance team or intervention workers
  • Cleanliness management of buildings for sale or rent
  • sort mail and forward if necessary
  • Winter service
  • Search for companies for interventions and appointment taking
  • Painting and electrical work
  • Control of water consumption, electricity, fuel oil and fuel oil control
  • Control of rehabilitation and construction works to be carried out
  • Field maintenance, cleaning, clearing…etc
  • Removal and fit-up assistance
  • Reception, parcels, orders, follow-up of workers in absence
  • Regular check of the good condition of the building
  • Preparation of the building for visit
  • Verification of the proper functioning of building equipment
  • Regular passage for ventilation and building control.

We collaborate with architects, decorators, photographers, landscape architects, cleaning companies, construction companies, brokers, insurers, financial institutions.

 KÊ Real Estate Services live your real estate investment with peace of mind.