When you rent your apartment, your goal is to find a good tenant who will pay you the rent correctly and take care of your accommodation. Ke Real Estate Services takes care of all this.

Our company in 7 points

A Services company we provide companies with furnished accommodation for their executives and we provide the service.
Our clients: multinationals, e.g. Amazon, big audit firms, banks.
Users: executives of multinational companies have high quality requirements that we meet for them.
We absorb the uncertainty of the trial period of the tenant’s employment contract,In case of departure, the company puts another one.

We are your one and only tenant and we are responsible for paying the rent.
We lease with a renewable one-year lease and you can come by once a year for a visit.
We furnish the apartments ourselves and the apartment is very popular during visits.

The 7 advantages for you

Your apartment is well maintained by our service maintenance and minor repairs are carried out immediately. The apartment is occupied by a segment of customers interesting stuff you can’t find on websites. The apartment is presented under its best angle to give envy to our customers we maintain more. You are guaranteed to receive a 1st day’s rent until the end of the lease, even if the occupant is transferred elsewhere. You are assured of regular payment of the rent and the rent doesn’t depend on a person’s salary. Your apartment remains available quickly if you want it back for personal use. Even if the tenant changes, the furniture remains the newcomer brings his suitcases only.

Successful rental is a job: we organize it from start to finish according to a process already experienced in other apartments in Dommeldange, Belair, Pulvermuhl, Hesperange, etc…. Our customers are satisfied…We look forward to meeting you.